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Lampasas Monuments, designing, manufacturing, setting and installing cemetery monuments since 1975!
If your question has something to do with performing services related to monuments, headstones, gravestones and cemeteries within the State of Texas, we do it, we do it right and at a reasonable price. We design, manufacture, set and install new monuments in cemeteries. We also re-leveled, refurbish, and re-letter existing monuments and much more. Lampasas Monuments is a full service monument company and has been so since 1975. Call Casey Corbin at Lampasas Monuments and he will be glad to discuss memorials, markers, cemetery's and signs with you.
Lampasas Monuments, designing, manufacturing, setting and installing cemetery monuments since 1975!
Does the number of letters on the memorial stone affect the price?
No, the number of letters or the font style of the letters does not affect the price. The memorial stone is priced according to size, type and color of the stone (granite, marble, etc.). There are no set-up or design fees. The prices on most memorials include the design, all the lettering and installation at the cemetery (within Texas).
After I have approved the design of a memorial, can I change that design?
After you have approved the design of the memorial but before actual manufacturing process has started you change the design. Even after the manufacturing process has started if you want some feature of the design changed and it is possible to do that, yes you can change. However if the manufacturing process has proceeded to the point that a design feature cannot be changed without ruining the stone, we cannot make the change. Should a situation like this arise immediately call me and I will do all I can to incorporate changes, if at all possible.
Can a photograph be etched into, or added in some manner to a memorial stone?
Yes, a photograph, sketch, drawing, graphic and similar items can be reproduced on the memorial stone using various techniques. Just call and we will discuss your options.
Do you set the memorial stone at the cemetery of my choice?
Yes, within the State of Texas and that is included in the price of most memorial stones. Lampasas Monuments carries two million dollars in insurance which enables us to set memorial stones at most cemeteries in Texas. I will handle contacting the cemetery and insure the monument you have chosen is allowed to in that cemetery. This is done before you purchase the monument.
If a memorial stone was not purchased from you and it now needs a second persons information added, will you do that?
Yes, we are glad to work on any memorial stone. We have mobile equipment and travel to the cemetery to perform the work (within Texas). Contact us and we can work out the details. We are a full service monument company. We also perform services regarding re-leveling, refurbishing and re-lettering of existing monuments, headstones and gravestones.
On a double stone, one person's information has been included at the time of purchase, can you later add the second person's information?
Yes, we actually have mobile equipment and travel to the cemetery, adding the second person's information when needed. This additional work is charged for at the time it is performed. As noted in the previous question and answer, we perform many services regarding maintenance of monuments, headstones and gravestones. According to the issues involved many maintenance services can be performed at the cemetery, others might require taking the stone to our shop facility.
Does the memorial stone set on the ground at the cemetery?
No, the larger stones have a base which is set on a concrete foundation and the memorial stone sits on top of that base. The foundation is built based on the size of memorial stone being supported. This is included in the price of most memorial stones. The smaller markers do not require any base or foundation.
On a two part memorial, does the actual memorial stone just sit on the stone base?
No, we use a heavy duty industry standard granite adhesive seal to insure solid contact and stability.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept both Visa and MasterCard.
Do you do pet memorials?
Yes, the process for obtaining a memorial for your beloved pet is no different than choosing a memorial for a human loved one. You can include anything on a pet memorial that is available for a monument for your human loved one.
Can the recessed interior of monument letters be painted so they will have even greater visibility?
Yes, we use industry standard dyes which are far more permanent than paint. Again, as stated previously, this service can also be performed when refurbishing and re-lettering an existing memorial in a cemetery.
Do you use a hammer and chisel to make the memorial stones?
No, but we do have them at the shop for cleaning up stones. We use sandblasting extensively and for projects requiring very intricate detail work such as pictures, we rely on lasers.
Do you hand draw the details on the memorial stone?
No, we use state of the art computer aided design (CAD) software to produce the finest most detailed designs possible.
Do you guarantee the memorial stone?
Yes, the memorial stone is guaranteed forever against workmanship defects.
Do I have to contact the cemetery about having my memorial stone installed?
No, within the State of Texas we will contact the cemetery and insure the stone you have selected is acceptable. We will also install your memorial stone at the cemetery. All of this is included in the purchase price of most memorial stones.
If I want to purchase a memorial stone but have it placed somewhere outside of Texas will you handling the shipping for me?
Yes, we can ship memorial stones anywhere. There will be a charge for shipping the memorials. We do not install monuments outside of Texas but can assist in locating a professional who services the cemetery you have chosen.
Is there always someone at your Lampasas facility during normal office hours?
No, since we not only manufacture the memorial stones but we also set and install them at the cemetery, we are away from the office from time to time. Be sure and call before driving to Lampasas so we can be at the office to meet with you.
If we would like concrete curbing around a gravesite and groundcover such as gravel or something similar, can you do that work?
Yes, just contact me, and we will discuss what you are interested in having done.
• Regarding memorials purchased from Lampasas Monuments, if over time it becomes un-level, will you re-level it at no charge?
Yes, within the State of Texas! Just call me and we will work out the details.
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